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PKF charity always focus on a small and medium term projects these include: building a sanitary (COST 50,000BDT), giving medicines(COST 20,000BDT), education materials (100,000BDT),  Help to build a house for the poor(COST 400,000BDT)/build a clean water fountain (COST 40,000BDT) and other items (WITH YOUR CHOICE OF BUDGET THAT IN LINE WITH OUR CHARITABLE OBJECTIVES). If you could be one of these POTENTIAL DONOR, get in touch today AND donate generously. Lets be part of this helping hand and be kind to the humanity. They need our support. If you want us to mentioned your name to our beneficiary we can do so, please let us know. Please read our donation policy in the report page http://www.pkfcharity.com/report

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PKF Charity will be implementing a project in June/July 2019. During the Muslim holly month of Ramadan most of people not able to afford food as their living condition are so bad. PKF Charity every year try to stand by these needy each ear and provide fund to these poor and needy. To contribute in our project please donate generesly. 


PKF Charity Zakat-ul-Fitr and Zakat collection

You can donate your  ZAKAT-UL-FITR (FITRANA)

£5 per person during the Muslim Holly month of Ramadan. This fund will go to the poor and needy in Bangladesh. You can donate your Zakat 2.5% of your income yearly to our charity. The best time to contribute during the Ramadan. This will also will go our charitiable activities that support  the poor and needy and Bangladesh.

"Giving Zakat-ul-Fitr (also known as Fitrana) is one of the many obligations of the holy month of Ramadan. Like the Zakat on an individual’s savings, it also entails giving a small amount to charity. Zakat-ul-Fitr, however, must be given before the Eid prayers are performed after Ramadan. It is not uncommon to get Zakat-ul-Fitr mixed up with Zakat or vice versa. Both terms sound similar and even by definition have some similarities which often lead to confusion."

"Zakat, on the other hand, compulsory for only for Muslims who meet the Nisaab values after all their yearly Zakatable earnings are calculated.
The second difference lies in the amount. The amount due for Zakat-ul-Fitr is very small, and rarely exceeds £5. Zakat, however, can amount to a larger number because its 2.5% of all net savings.Zakat can be paid at any time, with the only condition being that the earnings reflect one year’s worth of net savings (one lunar year). Zakat-ul-Fitr, however, goes hand in hand with Ramadan."

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Charity choice is supporting PKF by offering shoppers to donate through charity choice when they shop online from a number of outlets. Donate as littel as £1 while you shops online.  It will not cost you just use the link below and shop online with Amazon, E-bay, M & S and many more with few step to chose pkf charity in your choice. 

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PKF Charity getting supported by Charity Choice. See more information on charity partner site

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