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As a charity, we rely on donations from kind people throughout the UK. We’re truly making a difference, and we want you to be part of it.

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Our trusted team are more than happy to lend a helping hand, and we’re made up of trustees, volunteers, and staff from a range of backgrounds.

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Make a Difference by Donating to Our Established Charity

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It’s important to aid those that need it most, and with help from people like you, we aim to truly make a difference. Bangladesh is a beautiful country that suffers from a range of issues. Poverty, child labour, and regular flooding dramatically affect the population, and many do not have the means to escape it. With your help, we are starting to positively change the lives of people within the country. We’ve provided blankets in winter, food and shelter during monsoon season, and wheelchairs to those that desperately need them, but we could always do more. Our charity aims to aid the needy and the poor, no matter where they are. With a small donation, we could make the biggest difference.



We are appealing you help us achieve this utmost noble endeavor. Our aim and dream is to be able to provide every disabled man, woman, and child in Bangladesh a wheelchair so that they can restore their shattered lives. A £20 for urgent wheelchair repairs. A £50 for a refurbished wheelchair and a £130 for a brand new wheelchair.


WE are appealing for an emergency shelter such as flood, winter clothing, and earthquake. Donate any amount you can to help the needy for this type of natural disasters.


   You can sponsor and help a young/elder/widow female annually for £430      which covers 12 months in Micro- Business courses like Tailoring,embroidery and cooking to get skills she needs to look after herself and her family.


You can HELP us provide essential food items for malnourished men, women and children unable to sustain themselves with a regular meal due to food shortage and rising inflation. We run this project specially during month of Ramadan each year.


You can help us work with local engineers to install affordable water systems, and provide safe drinking water for Bangladesh communities suffering from disease and dehydration.

By donating £600
you can install a water pump to supply clean drinking water to 200 people.

By donating £1200, you can install a water well to supply clean drinking
water to 1000 people.

By donating £3500,you can build a Tube-well ( Water Tank ) to Supply clean
drinking water to whole village.


YOU CAN HELP US work with schools to provide poor children with school fee,equipment,uniform or even school meal.


You can help us to provide medical supports to the poor people in Bangladesh. 


Help the needy to build their house. You can sponsor a full family to rebuild or develop their  living coronation.

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