Probashi Kollan Foundation (PKF) is a non-profit charity organisation that aims to help and support the poor and needy. Established in December 2014, we officially registered as a CIO in March 2017. Our ambition is to reduce and eventually eliminate poverty in countries such as Bangladesh, as thousands of people needlessly suffer due to terrible living conditions. We’re a helping hand for the forgotten people throughout society.

Our Objectives

The prevention or relief of poverty or financial hardship anywhere in the world, but particularly in Bangladesh, by providing such persons with goods/services which they could not otherwise afford through lack of means. We also provide or assist in the provision of education, training, healthcare projects, and all the necessary support.

Our Ambitions

Ultimately, we aim to raise awareness for people that need care and assistance. We aim to campaign, raising awareness for women, orphans, and those with special needs, such as the elderly, or those living with a disability. Support for poor children is paramount, as limited education and child labour limits their prospects. In countries such as Bangladesh, many children are given a job at a young age, which restricts or completely nullifies their education. With more than 100 donors in the UK, and some outside the UK, we are a driving force for positive change.

Charity Classification


  • Disability
  • The Prevention or Relief of Poverty


  • Children/Young People
  • Elderly/Old People
  • People with Disabilities
  • Other Charities or Voluntary Bodies


  • Makes Grants to Individuals
  • Makes Grants to Organisations

Recent Projects

Our team are always undertaking new projects, and we have plans for bigger and better things. View an example of our previous projects below:

  • Winter Blankets - We distributed around 150 winter blankets to poor families in Bangladesh.
  • Flood Project – Bangladesh regularly experiences flooding, as 80% of the country is situated on a floodplain. The monsoon season is often deadly. Crops are destroyed, houses ae ruined, and lives are lost. We successfully completed a flood project, in which we distributed food and shelter to those effected by the floods.
  • Educational Support – Equipment and financial support is provided to encourage children to continue with their education.
  • Support for the Elderly – Medical support is provided for those with health problems. 
  • Wheelchair Projects – Our team distribute wheelchairs to people throughout Bangladesh.

A Helping Hand

We wouldn’t be where we are today without aid from our talented volunteers. Working day and night in Bangladesh, they support our charity and aid people throughout the region. They collect important data, while personally attending families that are in need. This ensures that aid always reaches the right people. In the UK, we have several volunteers who support this charity continuously and help us achieve our objectives.

Our management team work hard to maintain all the necessary legal documentation and policy of charity commission. We also have an accounting firm that works with us to maintain our accurate accounts. Furthermore, our legal firm works with us to make sure we run this charity according to local and international law. Finally, our social media team ensure that our donors can live, see, and observe all our activities. There’s more to come in the year ahead, as we receive more support from generous people throughout the globe.

Project History

Due to the generous contributions of our donors and volunteers, we have successfully completed several small and medium projects. As our charity grows, we can implement permanent projects to meet our objectives.

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